“A Blessing For Everyone”

Six additional artists visited Mary’s Closet yesterday to receive a personal consultation and choose attire for the Opening Night Gallery Reception June 9th.  Toyia Baker and April Chandler have been trying very hard to help the artists look and feel their best in anticipation of the upcoming three-day photo show. Toyia is the skilled Program Coordinator who works for Catholic Charities and April is a very generous volunteer in the program. They are quite a team, as evidenced by a story April shared of what transpired with the ASV artists yesterday:

“We really enjoy meeting each of the artists. Yesterday, William’s story was special. Toyia and I were desperately looking for shoes in the right size shoe for William. Fifteen minutes before William arrived, Michael Seward (from the ASV Photo Team) dropped off a donation that included the most beautiful shoes that fit William perfectly. He was thrilled… Toyia was working non-stop today. She has been so gracious and kind to the artists. She is a blessing for everyone.”  

Thank you Toyia and April!

Bring your family, friends and work colleagues as the artists debut their new looks, and their photos while they welcome the opportunity to visit with everyone who comes to see the amazing gallery of photos. Join us for the 15th Annual After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition, June 9th, 5-7PM, 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. 

Here are Roberta, Jerry, Reggie, Valerie, William and Ralph C. while at their personal visit to Mary’s Closet.








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