An Incredible Winter of Discovery For ASV Artists

Many people lament this time of year, with daylight at a minimum and the prospect of warmth at least six weeks away. But for many ASV artists, this is a fantastic time of year, to capture the peace, serenity and beauty of winter, and of life, on film.

More cameras are being turned in each week and, as the film comes back, the photographers eagerly sit down to see their prints and start selecting what photos they would like to feature in the ASV 2013 Exhibition, on June 7th and 8th. (Photographers who are new to the program choose three photos; returning photographers choose four.) Catholic Charities volunteers have the greatest admiration and respect for the camaderie that spontaneously emerges, as the artists share their photos with one another, offering encouragement and practical suggestions on how to take creative, original photos.

wine glassesRimas B. is an artist who has been part of the ASV program for five years. He is one of the most accomplished photographers in the program, and he is one of the most generous, always willing to offer his time and support to new artists. Ray has created an impressive portfolio of his work, and he is a true inspiration to others, in the way that he challenges himself to new levels of creativity each year. Just look at the image below, one of Ray’s newest photos that he has allowed us to share with you today. It is a thrill for everyone involved in ASV to watch artists like Ray find their artistic imagination and innovative intuition through the lens of their cameras.

Poet Robert Frost once said, “You can’t get too much winter in the winter,” and we agree. We applaud the ASV aritsts who are making this winter a time of immense discovery.

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