Artists Set To Debut Their Work This Friday

Excitement continues to build at Catholic Charities headquarters, in anticipation of the 12th Annual After Supper Visions Photography Exhibition this Friday, June 6th, from 5-7PM, continuing on Saturday, June 7, from 1-3PM. Catholic Charities is located at 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago and this event has become one of the signature Gallery Openings of the summer in Chicago.

Sixty-one artists will unveil their work. Forty-eight are returning artists, who will each have four prints on display. The artists sincerely look forward to meeting everyone who attends the exhibit to share insights, about their photos and about photography, in general.

Thirteen new artists will be on hand, as well, each with three prints on display. They have been grateful for the chance to learn from the returning artists, while attempting to make their own unique contribution to the show. Here is a sneak peek at beautiful photos taken by new artist Eric J., gorgeous images of downtown Chicago on a brilliant sunny day. Come meet Eric and his sixty fellow artists this Friday.

IMG_0305 IMG_3204 IMG_3895

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