ASV 2019 By The Numbers

The success of the 2019 After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition could be seen most visibly on the faces of the artists who had the great satisfaction that comes from working very hard on a project and seeing through to its completion. As in previous years, old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made, plus many of the attendees were in awe of the beauty of the photos taken by the artists. These were other, tangible signs that the photo show was a triumph again this year. Here are the impressive totals from the photo exhibition weekend:

Number of artists: 54

Number of attendees: 287

Number of volunteers: 36

Number of photos sold: 99

Payments to artists: $6,930

There were a few artists who did not sell any photos at the exhibition. However, a remarkably generous benefactor bought photos from these artists, so every participant earned something from being part of the photo show. May we all be inspired by the generosity of this kind gentleman!

Photo prints and photos gifts can still be purchased and donations can be made on this website. See our HOME page for details. If you would like to purchase prints for your corporate office and/or if you would like to host a gallery reception in support of ASV and its artists, please contact Kathy Donahue at, 312-655-7305,

WELL DONE, ASV ARTISTS! We look forward to another year of ASV beauty, growth and discovery with you, starting again in September.

After Supper Visions: Developing Film, Talent and Hope  





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