ASV Artists And Their Photos To Be Featured On The Hit TV Show, Windy City LIVE!

It was an exciting day today at Catholic Charities, as award-winning Chicago journalist Rick Kogan came to do research for a story about ASV for the immensely popular daytime talk show, Windy City LIVE! This special segment will be aired on Tuesday, September 10th, between 11AM and NOON on ABC-7 Chicago.

Windy City LIVE! is a weekday variety show, blending talk, entertainment, information and fun. Hosts Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini showcase “anything and everything Chicago” and, thanks to their generosity in choosing to feature ASV, the vast Windy City LIVE! viewing audience will have the opportunity to see an array of beautiful ASV photos, while hearing what the program means in the lives of the artists.

aimee taking pictures

Amie D. (center) discusses photography with Rick Kogan (left) and his colleagues while being interviewed today.  

As she spoke with Rick Kogan, longtime ASV artist Amie D. emphasized that though people who support ASV may become interested in the program because they have a shared interest in art, they are helping the artists in more ways than they probably know. Amie says, “When you buy a print it isn’t just a piece of artwork. You may be helping a person pay a bill, get some food, or pay their rent….”

Monsignor and Camera

Monsignor Michael M. Boland, Administrator, President and CEO of Catholic Charities, describes how ASV fits in well with Catholic Charities’ mission of assisting those in need, while helping them strive for self-sufficiency.

Rev. Wayne Watts, Associate Administrator for Catholic Charities, helped create ASV in 2002, and was especially impressed with the empathy Rick Kogan showed to the artists. He says, “Rick’s compassion for and interest in our guests inspires. Catholic Charities needs more people like Rick to help us tell the story of Catholic Charities and the success of our clients and guests.”

choosing photos

ASV Photo Team Members Jody O’Connor (left) and Maureen Kelley share with the cameraman some of the artwork from the ASV 2013 Photography Exhibition.

Catholic Charities and After Supper Visions, on Windy City LIVE!, Tuesday, September 10th, 11AM on ABC-7 Chicago. Don’t Miss it!

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