ASV Classes Begin

It is always a great day in September when a new season of ASV classes begin. Friendships are renewed among returning artists and members of the Photo Team. New artists are welcomed into the program and optimism fills the air as new goals are set for learning more about the art of photography.

As the first class got underway yesterday, returning artist Shari H. generously shared her experience with the new artists present. Shari said, “You need to get close to your flower and be careful for everything around it will be in your picture.”  New artist Diana showed how perceptive she is in seeing more than the camera lens shows. Diana said, “The sand shapes look like tree roots.” Also, new artist Shar made an inspiring observation about how ASV classes go beyond art to relationships. Shar said, “I have found if I don’t share my story, I can never learn from others how to move forward and improve.”  The world could use more collaboration and kindness. ASV artists show how it is done.


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