ASV Update

The “After Supper Visions” program continues to gain momentum this month. Last evening, seven artists turned their disposable cameras in, to be developed. Another five artists got to look at their prints, just back from being developed. Over a dozen artists have chosen their final prints that will be enlarged and framed in anticipation of the ASV 2013 Exhibition on June 7th and 8th.
With more dinner guests participating than ever this year, this eleventh annual exhibition promises to be the largest and most impressive yet. Longtime volunteers continue to marvel at how this year’s photographers are capturing some of Chicago’s most famous landmarks in new and innovative ways. As one volunteer recently said, “That’s what makes this program so unique. The sky’s the limit, as ASV artists challenge themselves to new heights of creativity each year. Even in these grey days of winter, the prints coming back for the artists are amazing. Just beautiful photographic artwork.”

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