Catholic Charities Spirit Magazine Features ASV Artist Mike Becker

ASV photographer Mike Becker is an inspiring artist. He is gifted in use of imagination and creativity in capturing moments in time on film. He also is unusually generous in sharing what he knows about photography with other artists in the ASV program.

The Autumn, 2017 issue of Catholic Charities’ Spirit Magazine includes a special article on Mike. Click the link below to read the full article. Congratulations and Thank You, Mike for all you bring to After Supper Visions!

Spirit – Mike Becker



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ASV Welcomes The Holidays At The Wynstone November 9th

After Supper Visions is delighted to be included among the featured vendors selling specialty items at a Holiday Tea and Boutique on November 9th. Sponsored by Catholic Charities of Lake County, this annual event will be held at the Wynstone Golf Club in North Barrington. The event promises to be a great day of high tea and holiday shopping, from 9AM until 3PM. Reservations are $65 per person. See below or contact Karen Daniels at 847-782-4115 for further details.

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New ASV Season Begins

The first class of the new After Supper Visions season takes place tomorrow, September 12th. At a recent Tuesday Night Supper, volunteers showed a slideshow of the June, 2017 Opening Night event, including a collage of photos that were taken last year. The presentation was so engaging that seventeen NEW artists signed up for the program. All look forward to exploring new heights of creativity and imagination with each other, while learning more about photography and capturing special moments in time on film. Join us, as another season of discovery begins.

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ASV Photos Adorn Cook County Treasurer’s Office

The office of Cook Country Treasurer Maria Pappas recently was enhanced with the addition of a gallery of ASV photos. All are welcome to come see the display at 118 North Clark Street. Congratulations to all of the artists whose work continues to be admired and  appreciated by more and more people in Chicago! In addition, we extend our warmest thanks to Treasurer Pappas and her staff for helping us share the talents of the inspiring ASV artists.



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ASV Participates In “Diamonds Are Forever” Event June 15th

On Thursday, June 15th, ASV was grateful to be one of the select group of vendors chosen to be represented at the “Diamonds Are Forever” luncheon and boutique at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette. Sponsored by Catholic Charities North Regional Office, this annual summer gathering offered a lovely range of items to generous shoppers who enjoy spending time together while raising funds for Catholic Charities. ASV Project Manager Katie Tuten and ASV Photo Team Member Jody O’Connor sold ASV prints, ornaments and other gifts, even selling out of the ASV note cards they had brought! Thank you, to all who came and bought ASV items at this special event. AND thank you, Katie and Jody, for your relentless dedication to ASV and its artists!

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Kathy Donahue: “Unsung Heroine”

In addition to all the excitement before and now after the annual Photo Exhibition, we also would like to share some exciting news that was announced this Spring for our leader, Kathy Donahue, Sr. Vice-President for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski recently honored Kathy with the 16th District Unsung Hero Award, acknowledging Kathy’s 32 years of service as a licensed clinical social worker for Catholic Charities. Each year the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues sponsors the “Unsung Heroine” award and chooses one woman from each of the seventeen Cook County Districts “whose contributions have silently, yet notably, made a positive impact in their communities,” according to a recent article in the Lawndale News featuring Kathy’s award.

See this link for the full article:

As Senior Vice-President of Program Development, Kathy is well-known and respected as a brilliant business leader in Chicago. She is skilled at helping Catholic Charities continually develop and refine its programs to address the needs of its clients, always with warmth, a positive attitude, patience, creativity and compassion, for those she works with and those that Catholic Charities serves.

Congratulations, Kathy!

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More Comments From The 2017 Photo Exhibition

Feedback continues, from this year’s spectacular photo exhibition. More attendees than ever came to the photo show this year for the first time. Most often, people commented on how “professional” the artists and their photographs were. Many people also complimented the photos of each artist that were framed along side each artists’ pictures, saying it was great to identify each photographer with his/her photo collection. All who came said their expectations were exceeded, whether it was their first time there or not!

What other attendees said the ASV photo exhibition…

“The portraits are BEAUTIFUL!”

This photo show “Expresses Chicago”

It is “Sophisticated yet cozy.”

“This should be a travelling show!”

It is a “Great idea to have the show on Sunday (too)!”

“The artist statements are powerful and thought-provoking.”

“I was tearing up when I read the artist statements.”

Thank you for each of these poignant remarks. We always welcome all Comments and Suggestions! Thank you for your continued support of ASV and its artists.


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Meet Deborah

Deborah A. is a remarkably talented person. Her creativity and skill as a photographer are so impressive that her photo (shown below) was chosen as the featured photo on the official ASV 2017 Photo Exhibition invitation. As the photo show approached, and Deborah was asked to make a statement regarding her photos and/or her thoughts about the ASV program, she said, “A word to the wise: Be creative in what you see…for the lens can be a window to one’s soul. Thank you ALL for your amazing support.”   

Thank YOU, Deborah for your inspiring words. CONGRATULATIONS on all of your accomplishments in the ASV program this year!

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Scenes From ASV 2017

Thanks to Catholic Charities Communications Director Kristine Kappel and Assistant Director of Communications Jamie Lynn Ferguson, some fantastic photos were taken last weekend to capture the Opening Night Reception for ASV 2017:

Enjoy and THANK YOU again to all who came, all who made purchases, all who donated to the reception, and all who shared their talents with us!


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“A Room Full Of Joy And Fascinating Photos”

The 15th Annual After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition generated so much optimism and excitement this weekend that one Friday attendee was almost at a loss for words as she left the reception. Shaking her head, she smiled and said, “That was a room full of joy and fascinating photos. What an accomplishment for everyone in the program!”

Those feelings were shared by many others as guests enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres and strolled about the gallery, visiting with the artists to learn more about their thoughts on photography, Chicago and life. Many people commented on how professional the artists and their photographic prints are again this year. Others reflected on how far the ASV program has come over the past fifteen years.  One thing all agreed on: there is much more that can be done to spread the word about ASV artists and the beautiful artwork they have created.

Our corporate sponsors have been tremendous in this regard, and this list of generous benefactors continues to grow! For example, Sagence consulting firm has been a staunch supporter of ASV for years. Sagence has purchased numerous ASV photos to decorate their offices and they have graciously added a separate link on the “Our Community Work” tab to share the ASV story with all who visit their website:

Thank you Sagence!

The entire gallery of 2017 ASV photos will be uploaded soon on this website for the public to continue to make purchases online. For now, thank you to all who came and supported ASV 2017! Congratulations to all of the artists as well!



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