Fifteen Years Of Progress

Visions Since 2002

At the first photo exhibition, in 2002, 17 artists participated, 51 photos were framed and 408 photos were taken in all.

Contrast that with the year 2015, in which 62 artists participated, 250 photos were framed and 1800 photos were taken with digital cameras. Thousands more photos were taken by the artists who used digital cameras.

In the past thirteen years:

  • Over 210 artists have participated
  • Over 25, 000 photos have been taken
  • More than $121,000 has been paid to the artists  

Chicago Landmarks, new/improved since 2002, that the artists have been able to take photos of include: Millennium Park; the Cloud Gate “Bean sculpture;”the Riverwalk; U.S. Cellular Field; Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Gardens of Lincoln Park Zoo; Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Chicago River Museum; Michigan Avenue Bridge (restoration); Trump Tower; Aqua (new residential skyscraper); and the new, Modern Art building extension of the Art Institute.

Chicago Landmarks that have closed/been demolished since 2002, that were part of the Chicago landscape available to the photographers include: Hull House; South Shore High School; Pickford Theatre; Washburne Trade School; Lathrop Homes; Robert Taylor Homes; and Cabrini Green.

“As I was taking the pictures a new world opened up, right before my eyes. It’s something that I will cherish for a long time. I have a new hobby now.”  – A Guest Artist


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