How “Visions” Works

  • In September, the Photo Team introduces the program to guests at the Tuesday Night Supper. (The Suppers serve 130 people weekly, with food donated by local restaurants.)
  •  Those guests who wish to participate sign a contract and attend at least one class, taught by The Photo Team, where they learn basics such as lighting, shadows and how to discover their creative talents as photographers.
  •  Once guests have taken the class, they receive a 24-exposure disposable camera, their choice of black/white or color. They are encouraged to keep the camera with them and, when something strikes them as being interesting or beautiful, take a photo. The only rules are: no photos of family and friends, and no photos of artwork. 
  •  Starting in January, the artists turn their cameras in. The Photo Team develops the film and works with the artists, as they select their 3-4 best prints to be displayed at the photo exhibition. The Photo Team makes 8×10 enlargements of all of the photos and then mats and frames the photos in preparation for the exhibition.
  •  “Visions” would like to acknowledge Elk Grove Graphics, Fifth Third Bank and The Illinois Art Council, who are among our generous sponsors; we also are indebted to the restaurants, groups and individuals who have periodically donated food and beverages for the exhibition. In 2011, one art patron who attended bought $1000 in note cards; others have donated cameras to artists for the continuation of their work. 
  •  Catholic Charities volunteers also are a vital resource, helping with photography classes, framing and assisting at the exhibition; in 2011 alone, these volunteers contributed a combined 2,895 hours of work.
  •  All proceeds after costs go to the artists. All of the artists find customers for some of their works.   

                              “The project is an ambitious experiment

                               of exploring the creativity in everyone.”                                                        

                                                 – A Guest Artist

Maureen Kelley and Jody O’Connor, members of the ASV Photo Team, work with Katie Tuten, Project Manager, Program Development for Catholic Charities, and other generous volunteers in preparing for the ASV Photo Exhibition.




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