New ASV Season Gets Underway

After Supper Visions has begun offering regular photography classes to artists who are looking to advance their skills in this, the program’s 13th year.

Guests of the Catholic Charities Tuesday Night Suppers have been introduced to the program and invited to participate, free of charge. Those who have signed up have been given disposable, digital cameras. Approximately twenty of them have started meeting every Tuesday, with Volunteer Program Coordinators Jody O’Connor and Linda Roxe, to study all aspects of photography.

The classes include topics such as how a camera works, the impact of shadows and light on prints, plus the enjoyment and fulfillment that come from capturing an imaginative, memorable photo. Also discussed are inherent features of natural settings, such as reflections on water, that can give further beauty and dimension to photos taken from different angles at varying times of the day. The sessions often conclude with a group walk around the neighborhood, where real-life examples enrich the learning experience even more.

The goal is to help all artists grow in confidence and skill as photographers, using their unique talents and sense of creativity to seek and find what is interesting and beautiful to them in the world, and take a photo of it. Once the artists complete their rolls of film, the photos are developed, and each artist selects the prints that will be featured in the 13th Annual ASV Photography Exhibition, June 12-13, 2015 with the potential of participating in subsequent photo shows, as well.

All agree that the new classes, and the entire program continue to offer an incredible opportunity to gain valuable training and experience in the exciting world of photography, from professionals who love to share their passion for this fascinating form of art.


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