Taking Creative Risks






Mike B. is one of the most generous artists in the ASV program. As previously noted, Mike  is always willing to share what he has learned about photography with new artists every year. This Tuesday, Mike was sharing his collection of photos with new artist Shar. Looking at a photo of Lake Michigan, Shar said, “How did you get such close shots of the waves?” Mike said, “It was raining and I kept my camera hidden and the minute a wave was about to hit, I snapped it. I didn’t care if I got wet. I just didn’t want my camera wet. Sometimes you risk to get the right photo.” 

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ASV Photo Team Member Linda Roxe Honored Today As Catholic Charities Volunteer Of The Year

We are delighted to announce that, at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Catholic Charities Board of Advisors today, ASV Photo Team member Linda Roxe was honored as the 2018 Recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. As the description of the award reads, this prestigious honor “is presented to an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the community through their involvement with a Catholic Charities program.”

There are more than 15,000 Catholic Charities volunteers  and Linda is a very active, humble, inspiring trailblazer among them. Linda has volunteered at Catholic Charities and contributed significantly to the Benefits Committee for more than ten years. She joined the Board of Advisors in 2011 and, since then, she has served on the Board Relations Committee and the Child Youth and Family Services Advisory Board, in addition to all of her work at After Supper Visions. In addition to her generously devoting her time as an ASV instructor, Linda also helps with important tasks involving computer set-ups, photo archiving, framing and display for our gallery showings each June in St. Vincent Hall. Linda is skilled at helping artists appreciate the creativity in photography, encouraging them to imagine, in Linda’s words, “not about what is but what might be.”

Linda and her family have also been generous advocates for Catholic Charities educational services for young children, opening a computer lab at the St. Joseph Child Development Center in the Back of the Yards neighborhood located on Chicago’s southwest side. This lab offers educational resources such as tutoring and ESL classes for children and their families.

In presenting Linda with this award, Catholic Charities Administrator, President and CEO Monsignor Michael M. Boland said, “Linda exemplifies the true meaning of volunteer as she takes advantage of every opportunity to promote Catholic Charities programs both with our own board members and with others she meets along the way.” 

Congratulations, Linda! You are an inspiration to us all.

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ASV Classes Begin

It is always a great day in September when a new season of ASV classes begin. Friendships are renewed among returning artists and members of the Photo Team. New artists are welcomed into the program and optimism fills the air as new goals are set for learning more about the art of photography.

As the first class got underway yesterday, returning artist Shari H. generously shared her experience with the new artists present. Shari said, “You need to get close to your flower and be careful for everything around it will be in your picture.”  New artist Diana showed how perceptive she is in seeing more than the camera lens shows. Diana said, “The sand shapes look like tree roots.” Also, new artist Shar made an inspiring observation about how ASV classes go beyond art to relationships. Shar said, “I have found if I don’t share my story, I can never learn from others how to move forward and improve.”  The world could use more collaboration and kindness. ASV artists show how it is done.


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ASV Kicks Off 2018-2019 Season

After Supper Visions kicked off its Fall season this week, welcoming new artists and new volunteers, greeting returning artists and filling Catholic Charities headquarters with smiles, optimism and excitement for another productive nine months ahead.  The next ASV Photo Exhibition is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, June 7-9, 2019. Classes begin next week and all of the artists look forward to learning more about photography and challenging themselves to new heights of creativity and imagination, as they prepare to take new photos that they will proudly display at the exhibition.

After the sign-ups took place this week, a reception was help where Photo Team members, Catholic Charities executives and various department representatives, plus longtime friends and corporate benefactors all celebrated how far ASV has come, and renewed their commitment to supporting the artists who inspire everyone associated with this program. Included was an early birthday celebration for Co-Founder, Ellen Gorney, too. Happy Birthday Ellen!



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New Season Begins Tomorrow

It’s Here! The 2018-2019 ASV Photography Program starts tomorrow, September 11th. Registration will begin for new artists during the Tuesday Night Supper at Catholic Charities, 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. Come explore your skills as a photographer and challenge yourself in new and creative ways. The first class for new artists will be next Tuesday, September 18th. We look forward to seeing all new AND returning artists tomorrow! All are welcome!

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Well Done, ASV 2018 Artists!

Yesterday was a very joyful day for the After Supper Visions program. The artists who participated in this year’s photo exhibition came to pick up their checks, for their artwork that was sold at the photo show and online since the weekend of June 8-10. As in previous years, the artists were gracious, grateful and so appreciative of the encouragement they receive, from Catholic Charities and from all those who support their work as photographers. Here are some comments overheard as the checks were being distributed:

“Wow, I can’t believe I sold that MANY photos- people must really like my photos.”

“Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Thank you for helping me with my photos.”

“Loved participating in the photo group.”

“This was my first year and I had so much fun at the party Friday night.”

“Next year I will try and talk to more people at the show.”

“Who knew I was an artist?”

And the comment heard repeated the most…

“I’m very excited about starting our new classes in September…when does the program start back up again?”

If you have not had the chance yet, scroll through the beautiful 2018 photographs recently uploaded on our HOME page. You can order prints, cards and photo gifts online at any time. We can also frame prints of any size for your office or home. To learn more, contact Katie Tuten at ktuten@catholiccharities.net. The artists receive payments on an ongoing basis when their photos are purchased.

The totals from the 2018 ASV Photo Exhibition are impressive. The June 8th, Friday Gallery Opening reception welcomed 515 guests, and 51 of the 77 participating artists were there to greet the attendees. Half of the artists visited Mary’s Closet and found wonderful outfits to wear for the photo show, and almost half of the artists were on hand to greet Saturday afternoon attendees. The artists collectively earned approximately $12,000 in total.

After Supper Visions extends sincere thanks to Catholic Charities administrators and the many volunteers who helped to make the photo show possible. In addition, we are deeply grateful to WGN-TV for featuring ASV in the “Around The Town” live segment on the day the photo show opened. Many new guests came to this year’s photo show…and we hope they will stay on to support the artists as they continue to explore their talents in photography. Congratulations to all, on a job so well done!




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A Note Of Thanks From Fr. Wayne Watts And Kathy Donahue

Dear Friends, 

The beauty of art brightens a darkened world. In a time when the world seems sad and dark, this year’s “After Supper Visions” brought light and joy to our little corner of the world. We greatly appreciate your generous purchase at our photography exhibit and sale. This event continues to grow thanks to your enthusiasm and generosity. This year’s show exhibited a record number of artists. We thank you for honoring them with your presence.

Thank you for affirming the supper guests with questions, comments and compliments. Your presence at the event and your kindness to the exhibitors reminds our guests and us that they indeed are worthy of dignity and esteem. Pope Francis reminds us that these are the ones God calls is to honor.

Because of dedicated volunteers, the quality of their photographs gets better every year. Some of the artists have even used their proceeds to purchase their own cameras and computers. We are grateful to the committee members who have worked with the supper guests week after week to prepare for the event.

Your purchase gives each artist hope. The monetary reward is one thing, that fact that you believed in them is another! It is our desire through events such as the supper program and this to give our guests support and hope. The suppers, serving over 130 hungry and homeless persons, inspire gratitude and trust. If you would ever like to sponsor one of the suppers or to volunteer, please call Andrew McKernin at 312-655-7557. Please accept our sincere thanks on behalf of the guests that we serve. Indeed they are very appreciative of your good will. 

Fr. Wayne Watts, Associate Administrator,

Kathy Donahue, Sr. Vice-President, Program Development,

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago


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ASV 2018 Photo Exhibition Continues TODAY AND TOMORROW

THANK YOU to all who came to the OPENING NIGHT reception last evening, in support of all ASV artists! Everyone who came was tremendously impressed, with the caliber of the photographs taken by the artists and their passion for photography.


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Catholic Charities Is Ready For ASV 2018

Catholic Charities headquarters at 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago proudly welcomes the ASV 2018 Photo Exhibition, beginning tonight from 5-7PM! Free Admission! Bring your colleagues and friends for a very special Gallery Opening! All proceeds benefit the artists who have taken these gorgeous photographs. Don’t miss this special event!  

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WGN-TV Features ASV On Its “AROUND TOWN” Program Today

Click the link below to see the excitement building for the ASV Photo Exhibition this weekend! Free Admission and a fabulous evening ahead! 5-7PM, 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago!



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