Photo Team Hard At Work Framing Photographs

ASV Photo Team volunteers are spending many hours together this week, meticulously cleaning, matting and framing the photographs chosen by each artist to be displayed in the June 8-10 photo exhibition. Seen below are ASV Co-Founder Ellen Gorney (left) with fellow volunteer Carolyn Winterfield.

All of the volunteers are excited to have so many new artists in this year’s show- 1/3 of the total participating. They also are surprised and pleased by the quality of the images taken by the new artists. The photographs reflect ideas presented in ASV photography classes regarding light, shadows and reflection, showing that the artists truly put into action what they learned in class.

Another terrific development this year has been the number of artists who have become skilled at editing their own photos, so their creativity and talent can continue to grow along with their knowledge of technology. The photos that will be unveiled to the public for the first time on June 8th will be the culmination of a great deal of work by all involved in the ASV program. Come experience this very special event!


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