Sagence Group Inc. Purchases ASV Photos For Use In Its New Office Decor

ASV photos continue to have a growing impact in the corporate community of Chicago. The most recent Chicago business purchasing a collection of ASV prints is Sagence Group Inc., a management advisory firm with an international client base that focuses on assisting clients with managing their data as an asset (

Sagence Group generously purchased fourteen ASV prints, in varying sizes, and recently held an Open House for its employees, where the prints were unveiled. In a letter describing their new office space, and their experience with the ASV program, Chief Executive Officer Bruce Quade and Partner Marisela Lawson explain, “We knew we wanted the art to have a connection to Chicago and the community. The artists from After Supper Visions have captured images of Chicago that are unique, engaging, and professional. Our employees and clients have all commented on how much they appreciate the pieces.” Leesa Quade, wife of Bruce Quaid, adds, “I cannot express how beautiful they (the prints) look. We are thrilled to have the ASV prints as part of Sagence’s collection.”

The artists behind the fourteen prints were all compensated for the sale of their artwork. In addition, the ASV program now has even greater visibility in downtown Chicago. Our sincere thanks to the Management Team of Sagence Group, for its great generosity, seeing the beauty in the ASV artwork, and affirming the artists’ confidence in themselves.

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