Welcome Andrea C.

As mentioned in previous posts, one very special part of the ASV program is the genuine support that returning artists give to new artists each year, as they learn more about photography. The returning artists often have poignant, powerful things to say, about life and taking pictures as they share their experiences, in the photography classes and at the Tuesday Supper. However, we also still love to hear passionate comments from new artists, as they start to explore their own creative talents. One of the new artists this year is Andrea C. and this is what she recently said about participating in the ASV program:

“I can’t wait to take photos with my new camera. I learned a lot in the class; I learned about shadows and abstract photos. I do a lot of moving around and I hope to get some photos of the west side and south side. I want to go to the lake front  and take photos there, too. I am so looking forward to seeing my photos. I truly enjoyed the class and the teachers who were very helpful. I now have something to look forward to when I start my day.”

We welcome Andrea and all of the new artists who have joined the program this year! May all of the artists find new heights of creativity and beauty in their images, as we prepare for the ASV 2018 Photo Exhibition!

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