Ways you can support the Arts and “Visions”:

  • Go to Thank you for your support of our online sale of photography prints and note cards: Prints are $100 each, including matting, packaging and shipping; Note Cards are $10 for a set of 5 and Holiday cards are $ 15 for a set of 10 & are shipped by UPS.
  • Do you have business or personal contacts who are moving or redecorating their offices or homes? Please tell them of the beautiful panoramic prints of Chicago offered for sale in the “Visions” program.
  •  Are you interested in having a “Visions” art show through your place of business? Please contact Jody O’Connor at Join the growing number of art galleries and small businesses who are supporting this fabulous cause.
  •  Do you have a contact in TV/Radio/Print/Online News who might want to tell the “Visions” story? We have had features stories on “Chicago Tonight,” The Chicago Tribune,  in The Chicago Sun-Times, and in many other outlets, but we hope to gain even greater publicity for this program throughout the coming year.
  •  Follow us on: FACEBOOK (facebook/com/CCofChicago and on TWITTER (@CCofChicago).

      “If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are no words to express my appreciation for the sponsors of the photo club and to you our valued customers.”                     – A Guest Artist

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