After Supper Visions: Developing Film, Talent & Hope for more than 20 Years

Thank you for your support of After Supper Visions and its artists. We continue to welcome donations, so we can continue to offer After Supper Visions to as many artists as possible. See BLOG for the latest in program updates.

Thank you for your donation to our progam and its artists.
Since 2002, volunteers, including professional photographers, have been inviting guests of Catholic Charities Tuesday Night Suppers to participate in the photography project that culminates in a highly anticipated exhibit in June. Artists are given cameras, attend photography classes, and participate in photo shoots. The artists have several months in which to experiment, explore and pursue their individual visions and creativity.


ALL donations are greatly appreciated by the artists, and Catholic Charities, as we continue this program that is very important in the artists’ lives.

  • $10,000 will allow us to compensate all of the artists for their work during the pandemic.
  • $5,000 will cover all of the food and beverage expenses for the next Photo Exhibition.
  • $2,500-$250 will help us compensate the artists for their work, purchase disposable cameras and purchase laptops at which the artists learn photo editing skills. We want as many artists to participate as possible.
  • $100 will allow us to pay for new framing mats that we need to display the artists’ photos.
  • $30 will pay for the purchase and the developing of film from one disposable camera.
  • $15 will pay for the purchase of one disposable camera.