ASV Artists Prepare For June 9-11 Photo Exhibition With A Visit To Mary’s Closet

There is an old saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” ASV artists Allen, Daniel and Lamont understand this well. They recently took it upon themselves to make sure they will look professional and confident at the ASV Annual Photo Exhibition  June 9-11, by visiting Mary’s Closet, the Catholic Charities program that provides clients with all they need to look and feel their best,  at job interviews and at special events in their lives.

Created by Catholic Charities Board Members in 2011, the staff and volunteers at Mary’s Closet offer attire fitting, professional consultation and image preparation that is tailored to each client. Regarding her recent meetings with Allen, Daniel and Lamont, Mary’s Closet Coordinator Toyia E. Baker said “It has been such a joy fitting and styling the After Supper Visions artists for their upcoming exhibit. Consulting them on their attire as a group displayed a camaraderie that is both uplifting and spirit-filled.”  ASV Project Director Katie Tuten, who also attended the meetings agreed. She said, “It was such a joyful experience. The artists loved it!” 

These photos capture Allen, Daniel and Lamont, before and after they each had his personal consultation:






Seeing the joy that each artist had at the conclusion of his consultation, Toyia said, “They are living proof that your situation doesn’t have to dictate your character or the way one responds to the world.”

Mary’s closet works with many clients besides ASV artists. In fact, a visit to Mary’s Closet is one of the final steps toward self-sufficiency for Catholic Charities clients in these and other important programs:

Veteran’s Employment Program

Immigration and Naturalization Services

Family Shelter Programs

Refugee Services

CHA FamilyWorks

Maternity Services

Reflecting on the partnership between these two Catholic Charities programs, Mary’s Closet volunteer April Chandler says, “True service is being dedicated to helping others rise. The After Supper Visions team teaches hundreds of artists how to capture their powerful journey through photographs. This amazing Catholic Charities experience is as empowering and transformative for the artists as it is for the volunteers.”

Toyia agrees. She says, “Like many of our clients, when the artists see their transformation, you automatically feel the confidence radiating from them. This…is truly what makes what we do worthwhile.”

Thank you, Toyia, April and everyone at Mary’s Closet! We are inspired by your dedication to helping others, and honored to be partners with you.  

The ASV Photo Team is working diligently to print, mat and professionally frame every image specially chosen by the artists to be featured in this year’s photo show. Please plan to join us from 5-7PM on Friday, June 9th for the Gallery Opening, at 721 N. La Salle Street in Chicago. We are celebrating Fifteen Years of Developing Film, Talent and Hope. It will be a truly uplifting, memorable night for all.   

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