ASV Photo Team Honored

CHICAGO: The five founding members of the “After Supper Visions” Photo Team were honored at Catholic Charities headquarters in Chicago this evening, designated among the 2012 recipients of the Anthony DeSantis Award.

Along with five other groups and individuals, members of the the ASV Photo Team, comprised of Rev. Wayne F. Watts, Associate Administrator of Catholic Charities, with volunteers Ellen Gorney, Jody O’Connor, Maureen Kelley and Noreen Russo, were recognized for their outstanding commitment to serving the hungry and homeless through the “After Supper Visions” photography program.

Acknowledging the contribution of all of the honorees, Catholic Charities Administrator, President and CEO Monsignor Michael M. Boland remarked, “For all of the people who we are honoring…This is a time of year when we are talking about hunger action, and the struggle people are having about the issue of hunger, and the many ways it is affecting so many different people and families in ways we never thought was possible. In relation to the work that we do at Catholic Charities throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago, I am reminded that we could never do anything without everybody who is here today. Each one of us has our own role: helping us provide food that is served to our guests, being one of 19,000 volunteers, serving food at Catholic Charities, helping us in our food pantries, our clothing rooms, we are so grateful to our coalition partners as well…it is really a team effort as we try to tackle the issue of hunger, and try to help people get the food that they need in their homes, whether it be for seniors, or children or families…A lot of us can’t imagine what it is like to be hungry, and to be hungry in a sense for our next meal. But some people worry about not eating for two or three days or more. Your help is invaluable as we try to tackle this issue. My gratitude to each of you tonight. ”

The Anthony DeSantis Awards are given annually in honor of Anthony DeSantis, a longtime member of the Catholic Charities Board of Advisors whose lifelong philanthropic efforts made a substantial contribution toward the Catholic Charities’ mission of eradicating hunger, before his death in 2007 at the age of 93.

Rev. Wayne F. Watts greets guests at the Tuesday Night Supper Program, before the awards ceremony.

Monsignor Michael M. Boland, Administrator, President and CEO of Catholic Charities,  welcomes honoress and their families to the 7th Annual Anthony DeSantis Awards.






The ASV Photo Team receives their award from Monsignor Boland, and Angel Gutierrez, Catholic Charities Vice-President of Community Development and Outreach Services.

The ASV Photo Team members visit with Monsignor Boland after receiving their award.

The ASV Photo Team (l to r): Maureen Kelley, Noreen Russo, Jody O’Connor and Rev. Wayne F. Watts (not pictured: Ellen Gorney).

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