It’s Not Too Late To Support ASV Artists This Christmas

Click on GIFTS from our HOME page to see a gorgeous collection of Christmas cards, ornaments, note card sets and a coaster set, all made from photos taken by ASV artists. Every purchase directly benefits the artists who took the photos.

Also, as you make your end-of-year donations, please consider ASV among the programs and organizations that you support. The artists have made tremendous progress this year, despite the pandemic, and they look forward to a New Year of discovery in 2021, as they continue to grow in their skills as photographers.

THANK YOU, from everyone at After Supper Visions!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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Fall Colors Provide Backdrop For Great ASV Conversations

At Tuesday’s ASV Photo Class, experienced Guest Artist Deborah and Joe, a volunteer, worked together to help other artists learn more about all of the opportunities that exist to explore photography in Chicago in the Fall. It was an outside discussion, with the beauty of Chicago all around them!

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Curator Jody O’Connor, ASV Artists Featured In North Shore Daily Magazine

Jody O’Connor has been volunteering with After Supper Visions since it started, almost twenty years ago. She is a dedicated member of the original Photo Team, along with
Fr. Wayne Watts, Ellen Gorney, Maureen Kelly and Noreen Russo.

Today, an inspiring feature article was published about Jody’s many innovative uses of her photographic talents. She speaks in awe and admiration of ASV artists, too, many of whom are her dear friends now. We thank Jody for her continued leadership, optimism, and energy that have been instrumental to the success of ASV throughout every year! Read more here:

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After Supper Visions Still Going Strong During COVID-19

After Supper Visions volunteers continue to meet with Guest Artists every week. Today, Michael Haller (above) taught Deborah about film speeds, and she was fascinated by the discussion. After Supper Visions is one of many Catholic Charities programs that will continue this Fall, in new and innovative ways!

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ASV Artists Shine

Have you seen the fabulous posts on Catholic Charities social media this weekend, highlighting the work of ASV artists? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to see stunning photographic images taken by Andrea C., Andy A., Margaret A., Darlene A., and others. The artists’ powerful statements are featured alongside of their prints too. What inspiring people the artists are! Thank you for your support of all of the artists in After Supper Visions!

Twitter: @ccofchicago

Instagram: aftersuppervisions; ccofchicago

Linkedin: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Facebook: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

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ASV Artists On Catholic Charities Social Media This Weekend

The 2020 After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition was scheduled for this weekend, June 12-14. As with many other events in Chicago this summer, our annual three-day, in-person gathering that draws hundreds of people each year has been postponed. We invite you, instead to watch Catholic Charities social media outlets throughout this weekend to see samples of work from ASV Guest Artists, along with their inspiring statements about photography, and life. Please follow us on the platforms listed below.

You can also continue to support all of the artists in the ASV program, by purchasing their prints and gifts offered here, on this website. See our HOME page for details. We celebrate with all of the Guest Artists who have participated over the years, and we look forward to seeing where their talents and creativity take them next, in the new ASV season yet to come!

Instagram: aftersuppervisions; ccofchicago

Facebook: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Twitter: @CCofChicago

Linked-In: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

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After Supper Visions 2020 Photo Exhibition Postponed

We regret to share with you that the After Supper Visions 2020 Photo Exhibition, scheduled for June 12-14 HAS BEEN POSTPONED, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the ASV program most definitely continues, and we join with so many others in congratulating the artists who have grown tremendously in recent months in their skill as photographers!

Remember that you can continue to support the artists through your donations and your purchases of their artwork. See our HOME page for details. Also, please continue to check-in at this website to get the latest on all program developments. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, too! On behalf of the artists, and the ASV Photo Team, thank you!

After Supper Visions: Developing Film, Talent and Hope

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ASV Classes Continue In Full Swing

Creative thinking can be so fun! ASV artists were hard at work yesterday, learning how to edit photos to bring out the best in each image. They so enjoyed collaborating with their fellow artists and with the volunteer members of the Photo Team. The finished photos will be quite impressive when they are on display at the ASV 2020 Photo Exhibition June 12-14. We hope to see you there!

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ASV Artists Work Together Towards A Fantastic 2020 Photo Exhibition











It was a busy afternoon today at the After Supper Visions class. The artists have taken all of their photos by now, and they are now working hard with the volunteer Photo Team members to learn simple editing tools that bring out the best in their photos, without distorting the original images. New artists will have three photos in this year’s ASV Photo Exhibition on June 12-14, while returning artists will each have four photos to display. The camaraderie, the generosity of spirit and the sharing of ideas are all quite special in these afternoon sessions!

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ASV Artists Back At Work In 2020

Class is back in session, with the 2020 After Supper Visions artists!

The photos below are from today’s class. At this point many of the artists have taken their photos and are now uploading with, with the help of the Photo Team volunteers, to determine which photos they would like to enter in the 2020 Photo Exhibition. What a fantastic time of discovery and creativity for everyone!

Here’s to a great New Year for all!

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