ASV Featured In Catholic Charities SPIRIT Magazine

In the latest issue of SPIRIT Magazine, Catholic Charities programs and services for the homeless are profiled. Click the link below to see the wonderful article on After Supper Visions and its artists!

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Classes Underway

The 18th season of After Supper Visions is underway! Classes started September 10 and the artists are excited to be back!

The first Advanced Artist class was especially lively, as the artists discussed how they want to take their skill and knowledge of photography to the next level this year.

Sherri H. said, “My favorite subject matter is flowers, because when I was a child my mother worked in a flower shop.”

Donnell shared interesting insights on shadows and how they affect picture-taking.

Deborah was eager to show the group the photos she has taken on Instagram.

New ideas were shared all-around, with everyone inspired to grow themselves, and share their knowledge with the new artists in the program. Just like in schools all over the country, there is much enthusiasm in ASV classrooms this Fall!



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ASV’s 18th Season Begins September 10

Welcome to the 18th season of After Supper Visions! Sign-ups begin Tuesday, September 10 for all returning and new artists who would like to participate in this program of artistry, creativity and photography. We look forward to a new season of wonderful discovery for all!


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ASV 2019 By The Numbers

The success of the 2019 After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition could be seen most visibly on the faces of the artists who had the great satisfaction that comes from working very hard on a project and seeing through to its completion. As in previous years, old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made, plus many of the attendees were in awe of the beauty of the photos taken by the artists. These were other, tangible signs that the photo show was a triumph again this year. Here are the impressive totals from the photo exhibition weekend:

Number of artists: 54

Number of attendees: 287

Number of volunteers: 36

Number of photos sold: 99

Payments to artists: $6,930

There were a few artists who did not sell any photos at the exhibition. However, a remarkably generous benefactor bought photos from these artists, so every participant earned something from being part of the photo show. May we all be inspired by the generosity of this kind gentleman!

Photo prints and photos gifts can still be purchased and donations can be made on this website. See our HOME page for details. If you would like to purchase prints for your corporate office and/or if you would like to host a gallery reception in support of ASV and its artists, please contact Kathy Donahue at, 312-655-7305,

WELL DONE, ASV ARTISTS! We look forward to another year of ASV beauty, growth and discovery with you, starting again in September.

After Supper Visions: Developing Film, Talent and Hope  





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“So Excited About Next Year”

Tracey M. (below, right) also received her check today, for the artwork she sold at this year’s photo show. She said, “We are so excited about next year. I love this project. I love taking pictures and I cannot wait to be in the project next year.”

Congratulations, Tracey and all of the talented artists in the ASV program!













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ASV Artists Paid For Their Impressive Achievements In The 2019 Photo Exhibition

ASV Volunteer Photo Team Member Jody O’Connor (left) is delighted to see Octavia W. today to deliver her check for the photo prints Octavia sold in the recent 2019 ASV Photo Exhibition. All of the artists are receiving payment for their work and the Photo Team hopes there will be more opportunities to showcase the artists’ work throughout the rest of the year. Call 312-655-7425 if you are interested in hosting a Photo Gallery reception featuring the stunning photos taken by these artists. Thank you for your consideration.












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Congratulations again to ALL of the artists who have worked very hard in preparation for this weekend!

for the first time.

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ASV 2019 Photo Exhibition Is THIS Weekend!

Were you able to join us at the ASV 2019 Opening Night Reception last evening? All across the room, you could hear people saying, “Amazing,”, “Beautiful,” and “Fantastic Job” as the stunning artwork of the ASV artists was unveiled to the public for the first time.

Monsignor Michael M. Boland (below) enjoys a visit with Mike B., the artist whose captivating photo (behind him) was chosen to be featured on the ASV 2019 Photo Exhibition Invitation. Congratulations, Mike and ALL of the 56 artists who have so much to be proud of this weekend!












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ASV Photo Team Diligently Framing This Week

ASV Photo Team members Ellen Gorney, Jody O’Connor and Carolyn Winterfield were hard at work today, framing artist photos and attaching the artists’ individual photos to their personal statements, all in preparation for next week’s ASV 2019 Photo Exhibition. Meticulous care is taken with every print, every mat and every picture frame to ensure that each of the artists’ photos is presented to the public in an entirely professional way. The personal statements will be hung alongside each artist’s photos and they are often quite powerful reflections, about photography and about life.

While working, the Photo Team also took time to celebrate Jody’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Jody!


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Monsignor Michael Boland Interviews Photo Team Members As 17th Annual Photo Exhibition Nears

ASV offers our sincere thanks to Monsignor Michael Boland, President and CEO of Catholic Charities, who recently interviewed ASV Photo Team members Noreen Russo and Linda Roxe on his weekly radio show, to hear details about the 2019 ASV Photo Exhibition. Click on the link below to hear this radio program, which aired May 21, 8:30AM on WNDZ, 750AM.



Kick off your summer by coming to this amazing photo show experience, June 7-9. Over fifty artists have been working since last Fall, in anticipation of the ASV 2019 Photo Exhibition. Bring your family, friends and work colleagues to the fabulous Opening Night Gallery Reception, Friday, June 7, from 5-7pm at Catholic Charities St. Vincent Hall, 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. Admittance is free and open to the public! Come meet the artists and hear about their experiences as they have grown in their skills as photographers this year. The photographic artwork they have created is remarkable. The photo show continues, Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9 from NOON -2pm each day. Click below for details. 


ASV is deeply grateful to Monsignor Boland for his steadfast support of ASV over the past 17 years. Thank you again, Monsignor!





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