“A Room Full Of Joy And Fascinating Photos”

The 15th Annual After Supper Visions Photo Exhibition generated so much optimism and excitement this weekend that one Friday attendee was almost at a loss for words as she left the reception. Shaking her head, she smiled and said, “That was a room full of joy and fascinating photos. What an accomplishment for everyone in the program!”

Those feelings were shared by many others as guests enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres and strolled about the gallery, visiting with the artists to learn more about their thoughts on photography, Chicago and life. Many people commented on how professional the artists and their photographic prints are again this year. Others reflected on how far the ASV program has come over the past fifteen years.  One thing all agreed on: there is much more that can be done to spread the word about ASV artists and the beautiful artwork they have created.

Our corporate sponsors have been tremendous in this regard, and this list of generous benefactors continues to grow! For example, Sagence consulting firm has been a staunch supporter of ASV for years. Sagence has purchased numerous ASV photos to decorate their offices and they have graciously added a separate link on the “Our Community Work” tab to share the ASV story with all who visit their website: http://bit.ly/2tdbXFD

Thank you Sagence!

The entire gallery of 2017 ASV photos will be uploaded soon on this website for the public to continue to make purchases online. For now, thank you to all who came and supported ASV 2017! Congratulations to all of the artists as well!



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