ASV Featured On Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) Website

ASV is pleased to be featured on the website of the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA), a rapidly growing organization whose mission is to be the “champion for social enterprise in the United States.”
The SEA strives to provide social enterprise agencies with the tools and resources needed to help them maximize their effectiveness and be, as the SEA website states, “a force for positive social change, in service to the common good.” Since its inception in 1997, the SEA has been widely respected for its efforts to unite social enterprise organizations across the country, publicizing their efforts and helping them network, learn from and support one another. The SEA’s signature event had been the Social Enterprise Summit, a three-day national event that had a typical attendance of 500-700 participants, and featured respected speakers with a wide range of social enterprise experience. In 2012, the SEA has expanded to three regional summits, in response to its growing membership.
The SEA now has a national network of over 900 members, organized in thirteen chapters across eleven states. Its members include leading authorities on social enterprise, including business strategists, investors and public policy leaders. Catholic Charities is proud to be a member of the SEA since 2009.
Click here to read the SEA article on ASV: This article also will appear in the SEA November, 2012 Newsletter.

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