ASV Kicks Off 2018-2019 Season

After Supper Visions kicked off its Fall season this week, welcoming new artists and new volunteers, greeting returning artists and filling Catholic Charities headquarters with smiles, optimism and excitement for another productive nine months ahead.  The next ASV Photo Exhibition is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, June 7-9, 2019. Classes begin next week and all of the artists look forward to learning more about photography and challenging themselves to new heights of creativity and imagination, as they prepare to take new photos that they will proudly display at the exhibition.

After the sign-ups took place this week, a reception was help where Photo Team members, Catholic Charities executives and various department representatives, plus longtime friends and corporate benefactors all celebrated how far ASV has come, and renewed their commitment to supporting the artists who inspire everyone associated with this program. Included was an early birthday celebration for Co-Founder, Ellen Gorney, too. Happy Birthday Ellen!



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