ASV Photo Team Member Linda Roxe Honored Today As Catholic Charities Volunteer Of The Year

We are delighted to announce that, at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Catholic Charities Board of Advisors today, ASV Photo Team member Linda Roxe was honored as the 2018 Recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. As the description of the award reads, this prestigious honor “is presented to an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the community through their involvement with a Catholic Charities program.”

There are more than 15,000 Catholic Charities volunteers  and Linda is a very active, humble, inspiring trailblazer among them. Linda has volunteered at Catholic Charities and contributed significantly to the Benefits Committee for more than ten years. She joined the Board of Advisors in 2011 and, since then, she has served on the Board Relations Committee and the Child Youth and Family Services Advisory Board, in addition to all of her work at After Supper Visions. In addition to her generously devoting her time as an ASV instructor, Linda also helps with important tasks involving computer set-ups, photo archiving, framing and display for our gallery showings each June in St. Vincent Hall. Linda is skilled at helping artists appreciate the creativity in photography, encouraging them to imagine, in Linda’s words, “not about what is but what might be.”

Linda and her family have also been generous advocates for Catholic Charities educational services for young children, opening a computer lab at the St. Joseph Child Development Center in the Back of the Yards neighborhood located on Chicago’s southwest side. This lab offers educational resources such as tutoring and ESL classes for children and their families.

In presenting Linda with this award, Catholic Charities Administrator, President and CEO Monsignor Michael M. Boland said, “Linda exemplifies the true meaning of volunteer as she takes advantage of every opportunity to promote Catholic Charities programs both with our own board members and with others she meets along the way.” 

Congratulations, Linda! You are an inspiration to us all.

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