ASV To Be Featured On Channel 11 This Weekend

A wonderful Telling Well video about ASV artists Mike B. and Sandra W. will air this weekend on the popular new WTTW show, INCOMMON WITH MIKE LEONARD.

The show will air on WTTW-Channel 11 at 8:30PM this Friday, January 8th, and will be rebroadcast Sunday, January 10th at 5:30PM.

Mike Leonard is an accomplished filmmaker, a New York Times best-selling author and a former longtime correspondent for NBC’s Today Show. He is widely respected for the way he tells personal stories with warmth, sincerity, humor and superb use of cinematography. He now brings those talents to WTTW in this highly-acclaimed new television series, INCOMMON. In his own words, Mike describes the program as ‘things we have in common as human beings and common things that we sometimes overlook that have great value but are hidden in plain sight.’ INCOMMON features ordinary people making an extraordinary impact, reminding viewers of the things in common that connect them to people all over the world.

ASV is delighted to have Mike and Sandra included in an episode of INCOMMON. Be sure to watch  this Friday, January 8th at 8:30PM, and again on Sunday, January 10th at 5:30PM, on Channel 11 in Chicago.



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