New Horizons


There are people who make other people smile at the mention of their name. ASV artist Mike B. is one of them. He is a remarkable photographer and generous member of the ASV program, always willing to give advice and support to new artists every year. Mike also is an accomplished, courageous person, expanding the visions of life for all who see the striking images he captures on film from his wheelchair. Now, a corporate client is interested in his work, and Mike  is making a portfolio of all of his ASV photos since he joined the program in 2009.  Here Mike is yesterday, putting his collection of ASV photos together while the Photo Team frames all of the artists’ photos, in preparation for the upcoming annual photo exhibition. Come meet Mike and all of the 2016 ASV artists on June 10th (5-7pm) and June 11th (1-3PM), at 721 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. Expand your horizons and join us.


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