Holiday Season Brings Joy, New Photos To The ASV Program

The ASV program continues at a busy pace throughout the holiday season. New artists are  welcomed in to the program each week, while some artists have already turned their cameras in, after taking their full roll of film, so the photos can be developed. As the pictures come back, and the ASV volunteers start to sit down with the artists, to look at them together, wonderful new things have happened. In one case, Jody O’Connor was amazed to see how creative one returning artist was this Fall. Jody explains, “This artist said to me, ‘I tried very hard to take your suggestion and challenge myself to see things differently and take new kinds of photos.’ And he really did! He took some incredible shots of the Chicago Marathon, he has a beautiful photo of the Chicago river,with the cityscape behind it, and he took a breathtaking still-life floral photo. It is fantastic to see how far he has come as a photographer.” The volunteers look forward to seeing what all  the artists capture on film, now and into the New Year.

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ASV Program members Maureen Kelley (left) and Katie Tuten look over photos with a photographer in the program.

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