A Note Of Thanks From Fr. Wayne Watts And Kathy Donahue

Dear Friends, 

The beauty of art brightens a darkened world. In a time when the world seems sad and dark, this year’s “After Supper Visions” brought light and joy to our little corner of the world. We greatly appreciate your generous purchase at our photography exhibit and sale. This event continues to grow thanks to your enthusiasm and generosity. This year’s show exhibited a record number of artists. We thank you for honoring them with your presence.

Thank you for affirming the supper guests with questions, comments and compliments. Your presence at the event and your kindness to the exhibitors reminds our guests and us that they indeed are worthy of dignity and esteem. Pope Francis reminds us that these are the ones God calls is to honor.

Because of dedicated volunteers, the quality of their photographs gets better every year. Some of the artists have even used their proceeds to purchase their own cameras and computers. We are grateful to the committee members who have worked with the supper guests week after week to prepare for the event.

Your purchase gives each artist hope. The monetary reward is one thing, that fact that you believed in them is another! It is our desire through events such as the supper program and this to give our guests support and hope. The suppers, serving over 130 hungry and homeless persons, inspire gratitude and trust. If you would ever like to sponsor one of the suppers or to volunteer, please call Andrew McKernin at 312-655-7557. Please accept our sincere thanks on behalf of the guests that we serve. Indeed they are very appreciative of your good will. 

Fr. Wayne Watts, Associate Administrator,

Kathy Donahue, Sr. Vice-President, Program Development,

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago


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