2022: ASV 20th Anniversary Year Begins

Happy New Year! 

After Supper Visions Photo Team members continue to work with the artists in this program to the extent that we are able to safely do so. The artists are taking impressive photos and when we are able to meet in person, we are working with them on editing to bring out the best in each of their photos. 

We are hoping to have our 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition on Friday and Saturday, June 10-11, 2022 IN PERSON at 721 N. LaSalle Street. However, we will need to continue to follow all city and state COVID-19 guidelines as the date nears. Stay tuned for the latest news on this very special event. 

You can support ASV artists all year long on this website, by purchasing prints and gifts and making a donation. Thank you for your ongoing support of the artists and the art of photography!

After Supper Visions: Twenty Years Developing Film, Talent & Hope 

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