“After Supper Visions Is Incredible”

Since its premiere on June 4, the After Supper Visions’ 2021 video has been receiving wonderful feedback. Below are some of the comments we have been receiving. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so that After Super Visions can continue to reach as many artists as possible!

“I really liked the mix of communication from staff and from the guests. It was great that the guests had equal time to speak. The appreciation of the guests and the benefits of the program to them really came through. And the video quality was just terrific!”

“What an inspiring show. After Supper Visions is incredible. This program keeps getting better and better, reaching more people every year.”

“It’s touching to see how much this program means in the lives of the photographers who participate in it.”

“I like donating to programs that I know are making a positive difference in people’s lives. This is one of them.”

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