Garden Memories

After several weeks learning the basics of photography in a classroom setting, it was time last week for ASV artists to be outdoors and experience the joy of being behind the lens of a camera. In the first row of photos above, ASV Photo Team Member Michael Seward joined Andy A. and Regina H. in a photo shoot, where concepts such as lighting, background and focus all came together in creating beautiful photos.

The second row of photos above are also from last Tuesday, as the artists were supportively critiquing one another in class. Sheri H. said, “I need to go to different places to get the photos I want. I intend on taking my flower pictures. We had a garden when I was young and I always took care of the flowers. This project is reminding me of then.” Pointing to one of Sheri’s photos, fellow artist Shar said, “This one looks like water in the Caribbean.” Recalling fond memories and making new ones makes for a very productive afternoon.

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